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Baked beans on toast & new friends

May 5, 2012

Wednesday morning began with aviation van picking me up at 6:30 a.m., don’t ask how much sleep I got on Tuesday night!. We then got ready for the flight from Ukarumpa to Port Moresby. The passengers and their cargo were weighed, then the cargo was loaded onto the Quest Kodiak airplane. Waiting for the passengers to be able to get onto the plane, I was thinking that I wished a friend had come to see me off. As I was thinking this, around the corner came my friend Rachel. (see posting from last November about Cinderella.) Her dad had brought her out to aviation before school. Rachel is a child in elementary school, but we are still kindred spirits. She had also come to my house on Monday afternoon, as I was packing.

After a great flight to Port Moresby, and spending the day there, I caught a Dash 8 airplane to Cairns, Australia. After the taxi ride to TreeTops Lodge, Stratford, I was really tired, and just wanted to make it to my room. The taxi driver left me there by the office. My room was up and around the corner. As I carried my first load of things up to my room, I passed by the lounge. There were a couple of people in the lounge. They helped carried my suitcases up to my room. The wife asked, ‘Have you had any tea?’ (translation for USA: this was asking me if I had eaten dinner.) I answered ‘There was a snack on the plane.’ The lady, Jenny, thought that was not enough, and shared their salad and baked beans on toast. Baked beans on toast is a homey, comfort family food in Australia and other Commonwealth. I did enjoy the late tea, and headed to my room and bed.

During Wednesday evening’s conversation, I mentioned that I needed to go the grocery store on Thursday. Jenny went to the grocery store with me. We did get a bit lost on the way, but got there and had fun shopping. We also met someone there who will give me a ride to church on Sunday. I had been too tired to arrange anything, so I asked the Lord to work out something for me. And He did the first full day here.

More about nothing later.

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  1. Mary Logan permalink
    May 5, 2012 2:45 pm

    Enjoyed reading about your adventures!

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