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Sydney airport impressions

May 18, 2012

This was written on Friday, 11th May, just now posted:
I am walking through Sydney airport, and there it is – a Krispy Kreme Donut stand. Wow, have they gotten all of the way to Sydney, now? I remember when they were just available in the south, and we had to explain them to our non-Southern friends.

Today started way too early, after a night when I did not sleep well. I kept on waking up to check the time, did the alarm go off? Or is it too late? But I was out waiting for the taxi when it finally came. I was ready at 4 a.m., it came about 4:20.

As we rode the transit bus from Sydney’s domestic terminal to international terminal, we saw many of the long range 747 airplanes, and they are large. Suddenly, there was an Airbus 380. It was huge. I am on a 747, I think, but it was great to drive right by the large Airbus.

Walking into the International lounge area is basically walking through a huge store area. In fact, I had to search for the way out of the maze towards the boarding gates. I tried to imagine if I were walking through that retail maze with an Onobasulu friend. It just boggled my mind. I could not think of how I could explain it to them. Well, I’ll post this later, as I have gone past the internet hot spots. More later.

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