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Celebrating with family

May 22, 2012

My first week home in Texas had some doctors appointments and getting over jet lag. But I was really counting down days until I headed to SE Texas. That is where my nieces & nephews live, and where my heart really resides! I have 2 grown up nieces, Heather who is married to Eddie, and Jessica. I have one nephew Ray, who happens to be about the same age as his nephew, Blake. Then there is also Brinley & Lily who are great nieces, and one more baby girl on the way. So, I have enjoyed lots of toddler hugs & kisses since last Friday.

Today is my birthday, and I was sung to & celebrated this morning. Only, now Brinley keeps trying to talk me out of my pretty new pink earrings. Although, Auntie Beverly says yes most of the time, I am keeping the earrings from my mom! Here we are having heaps of fun:

Blowing bubbles

the girls & auntie beverly getting pedicures

and our own bouncy castle in the yard

The girls are sneaking up on auntie beverly.

Next week, I’ll return to work & more serious posts, but today I am the happiest auntie around!

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