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Sleeping on the sun porch

June 24, 2012

As I write from Lake Tyler East, I look out over a small ravine of wooded beauty. I hear the birds singing. Last night, I could see the stars as I fell asleep on the fold out sofa bed in the sun porch room. What does all of this have to do with Bible translation?

Well, one of enjoyable facets of my Bible translation job is to recruit new people to the Bible translation team, and to say ‘thank you’ to those who have been praying and giving.

So, this weekend, my mom and I have been enjoying being spoiled by good ole Texas hospitality. I am reconnecting with dear friends who are my ‘spiritual’ mom and dad. They pray for me every day in the prayer list with their birth children. And when they know that I have a special need, I get special prayer. This morning, I attended church with them, and my dear ‘mom’ made everyone come and say hello to me. She convinced everyone that they needed a copy of my new prayer card, and told everyone how wonderful I am. Between you, me,. & the walls, I do not really think that I am quite as wonderful as she says, but it does give me warm fuzzies in my heart to have someone brag over me like that. And this church does pray for me regularly because she keeps my name and needs in everyone’s mind.

Would you like to hear more about Bible translation from a ‘real, live missionary,’ as my adopted mom would say? Just contact me to arrange a time for you, or a group from your church to hear more exciting in person details about Bible translation. (a PDF of my prayer card is on the newsletter page.)

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