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Bicycles & Surgery Pre-Op Tests

July 11, 2012

OK, so I bought myself an exercise fan bicycle. Today, I got it put together, and begun to ride. The goal is to begin building up stamina. Hopefully, I’ll be giving you all good reports as the summer goes on.

Monday’s adventure of the day was at the hospital for my mother’s pre-op tests. First of all, the hospital was definitely having a Monday. Although we were there early for her morning appointment, it was over an hour before they began her paperwork. Then, we worked through the tests. We were finally (we thought) ready to finish up at the volunteer desk, double-checking and getting ready to sign her medical directives, when the hospital nursing staff suddenly showed up and said that they needed to take my mom to the emergency room. What?! Had we heard correctly? Something was wrong with the EKG?! So, instead of heading off to meet my aunt & friends for lunch, we headed off to ER, praying in our hearts. They immediately hooked my mom up to another EKG machine, and began listening to her heart. “She has a heart murmur.” Sigh, “Yes, I know, that is why we are here, to prep for surgery next week.” After a few tests, and a phone call with her cardiologist, the ER staff decide that she is not having a heart attack right now. Now do not get me wrong, I was hugely happy that my mom was not having a heart attack. But now we have to wait to be properly checked into the ER department as what we had just been doing did not ‘count’ for ER.

Meanwhile my aunt arrives with a snack for me, as she is aware that ER waits can be long. I have to convince the nursing staff that as my mom is not having a heart attack, she can have a drink of water. The nurse actually comes in with our dismissal paperwork, but we had to still wait, as they had not finishing the admittance paperwork. Three and a half hours after our arrival, we leave the hospital.

On Monday, 16th July, my mom, Rowena, has open heart surgery to replace her aortic valve. Please pray for a good surgery and recovery.

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  1. Mary Logan permalink
    July 11, 2012 4:50 am

    I will continue to pray!

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