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ICU Observations

July 18, 2012

It is cold, I am sittng here wearing a cardigan sweater as well as socks. Looks funny, but helps me not to freeze. The various machines rattle, buzz, and sometimes beep. My mom claims that whenever she falls asleep, someone comes in to do something to her. Today more IV lines were taken out and therapy began. She is doing well, but it is tiring. Pray for my energy and stamina, too!
My exercise is walking from ICU to hospital’s cafeteria. Good for me they are opposite ends of hospital. Thefood is OK as hospitals go. But I’m about ready for ChickFillet!
Something, funny on the drive to hospital, I saw a man pushing a double stroller (like for twins). He was ahead stopped at traffic light. I pulled up, looked over towed cute kids – empty stroller!

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