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How do these things happen to me?

July 21, 2012

HELP! I’M TRAPPED! The other evening I am leaving the hospital after 10 p.m. The hospital has a double set of automatic doors. I had left this way every other night after hours. They are postd about only being able to leave and not return.
So, I saunter down the long hallway & through the first doors my mind on what I need to do before bed. Suddenly, my autopilot walk is interrupted – the second set of doors have not opened! I back up & try again. Again from another angle. I head towards the first doors, they do not reopen.
I call the hospital number, just a recording. What do I do now? I do not want to send the night in a glass cage. Sigh.
After what seems like a long time, I see a family coming in the distance. Two young girls are running ahead. I position myself in front of the door. Whoosh, the door opens, I jump out. “Don’t go in the door!” The girls screech to a stop. I excited begin my story about being stuck & rescued. The teenage tries and gets stuck, too. We let her out. Every then walks around to the emergency room area to exit. Oh, before leaving I report the mal-functioning door.

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