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Another Long Day

July 26, 2012

Therapy: Mother is at HealthSouth Rehab hospital in S. Arlington. Today was Mother’s longest day of therapy since her heart surgery. She did well, but was really tired by the end of the day. She is now enjoying watching the Texas Rangers baseball game, while I catch up on some emails.

Commute: The distance from our driveway to Methodist Mansfield (surgery hospital) is a couple of miles longer than from our driveway to HealthSouth. However, the traffic between our house & here at the rehab hospital is much heavier, so it actually takes longer to drive.

Beverly’s work: I need to catch up on correspondence and to contact supporters. Do I owe you a letter? You might get one soon. Do we need to make contact for a report on the work of Bible translation for the Onobasulu? Or would you like to arrange for me to make a presentation about Bible translation & literacy, I need to set up my speaking and traveling schedule. I hope to do some of that working from here at the hospital while my mom is in therapy. Then we can still spend part of the day together in between our various tasks.

Onobasulu Prayer Point: In February of this year, the engine was removed from the larger mower for the Walagu airstrip. Due to waiting for a part, due to rainy weather, and due to some other obstacles that mower engine was not yet replaced in the mower. So, once again the Onobasulu need to cut the grass on the airstrip by hand held machete. Pray that difficult work will continue to happen until details can be worked out to replace the engine. Are you (or do you know) a civil engineer that would like an amazing work adventure? We still need someone to supervise work on the Walagu grass airstrip in Papua New Guinea? And there are other airstrips needing work or evaluation. What does plan does God have for you?

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