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Of pigs and pedicures

August 17, 2012

The Onobasulu live in the tropical rain forest of Papua New Guinea. The Onobasulu raise pigs. The pigs are semi-domesticated. They live outside of the village except occasionally when a young pig is learning who its new owner is. Here is picture of my little neighbor and her new little pig. This small pig had been given to Elie.

The walking trails are mostly red clay, so walking barefoot is quite common. When I first began working there, I did go barefoot most of the time. I do wear shoes some now, but actually, shoes slip more on the clay than bare feet. Along the trails though are muddy spots. I remember one day Anna and I had walked down to see another friend’s pigs. We came back with mud to above our ankles. I said to Anna, “I wish that we could be suddenly transported to a fancy spa, and show our feet and say, ‘I’d like a pedicure, please.’” We both just laughed and joked further about how people could pay extra for a mud treatment. We just tried not to think about what all was in our mud.

Yesterday, I did get a pedicure. It was not because of walking the muddy trails of Onobasulu land. It was a sweet thank you present from my mother. She wanted to give me a special treat, since I have been taking such good care of her. (I am not really bragging, as it is an indirect quote from my mom!) It was the longest time that I had left her alone in the house, so a bit of a test for how she would do by herself.

Please do pray for her today. Her blood pressure is still jumping around quite a bit, including being too high frequently. She began a new medicine, but her body is not adjusting well, so we may be back on our way to the doctor later today.

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