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Independence Day!

September 16, 2012

September 16, 1975, Papua New Guinea became an independent nation. This year, on Sunday, PNG celebrate 37 years of independence. Papua New Guinea has many rich cultures and languages to share with the world. When PNG gained its independence, the Onobasulu people had met very few outsiders and barely knew that the rest of the outside world existed.

In this generation, they have made many huge leaps to join the rest of the world. Here are just a few examples. Their language has been analyzed and alphabet developed. Both adults and children are learning to read in their own language.

The Onobasulu language co-workers are even working on their computer skills.

In the early 1980s, an airstrip was built to help the Onobasulu people. It has provided a road for educational supplies, medical supplies, translation supplies, and as an easier way for the Onobasulu to travel in and out of the area. And of course, that airstrip is my only way to travel into the Onobasulu area.

The time of PNG independence was about the same time that first Onobasulu made the decision to become Christians. The first PNG pastors were from other languages that had some scripture in their heart languages. The Onobasulu were able to see the value of scripture in their own heart language. And they began to pray for someone to help them translate the God’s Word into their heart language.

Meanwhile back in Texas, a young teenager was hearing God speak into her heart that He had a special task for her. It took quite a while to get me to PNG, and a while longer for me to begin working with the Onobasulu.

Here we are now. Celebrating PNG on this special day. But more importantly, we are celebrating the opportunity to be free from sin ~ to be a part of God’s Kingdom.

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