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Traveling Mercies

October 8, 2012

I try to always remember to pray before I head out on even a short trip. Last night, I was headed to Cleburne, Texas for a church’s missions’ banquet. I did pray, and I am glad. Last night, I did notice a bit as I drove down that the steering wheel pulled to the left. When I got to the church, I just got my supplies out of the car & headed into the church. We had a great time. However, when I got back out to the car: TaDah! a flat tire! Some of the people from the church helped me to change to the small tire. I then drove slowly & carefully home. Thanks, guys!

Today, I went to get the tire repaired. It had split, and was not good enough to get repaired. So, now, there are 4 new tires on my little Kia, and I did get credit on the price for the unexpired part of the warranty on the older tires.

Tonight, I head down to the Fairfield area to meet with the pastor & board of a church that is considering supporting the work of Bible translation for the Onobasulu. I’ll once again pray for safe travels, and be including thanks to the Father for 4 new tires. Thanks for your prayers for my safe travels, too.

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  1. Mary Logan permalink
    October 8, 2012 8:53 pm

    Praise God for His safety AND the 4 new tires! I love and appreciate you and your ministry. Blessings!

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