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Thanksgiving 2012

November 22, 2012

Last year I was in Walagu village on Thanksgiving Day. I was there with our literacy intern, Joy Candee. That day was to have been Joy’s last day among the Onobasulu. I was so thankful for her generous and loving service to me, but more importantly to the Onobasulu.

Dan Bauman was also there in Walagu. He had been recording Matthew for the AudiBible players. Joy and Dan could not leave Walagu that day because of bad weather across Papua New Guinea.

On Friday, Joy and Dad did make is safely back to Ukarumpa. On the flight that picked up brought Joanna Frampton. Joanna was there to consultant check some of the short epistles from the New Testament. We had a blessed and busy time in Walagu last November. And all of the thanks goes to God.

Now, Texas is a long way from Walagu ~ both in physical distance and culture. This November has been busy with very different work. My mom has finished her cycle of the therapist coming for home therapy. But we need to keep on with the exercises. Pray that Mother and I both keep up with ongoing exercises, and that Mother increases in stamina and strength.

God has blessed me so very many ways. Thank you, my loving Heavenly Father.

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