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Monday Evening in Texas = Tuesday mid-day in Papua New Guinea

January 29, 2013

One of the fun parts of world travel is the different time zones. But sometimes hard to keep up with. . .

As far as I know, tonight, Jeffery Keala will have his surgery during the day Wednesday. A missionary doctor will perform the surgery to put back together the broken bits of his collar bone. I have not heard any new updates on the head injury, so I assuming that it was just a glancing blow that caused lots of bleeding, as head injuries can do. Please do continue to pray for Jeffery and all of his needed healing, as well as praying for the doctor, but mostly giving God the glory that He is meeting Jeffery’s needs in many ways!

Pray me as I struggle with a series of small infections, but that are definitely pulling me down. This series of illnesses have also aggravated my fibromyalgia.

Thanks for all of your prayers!

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