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Snow White & the Tropical Sun

February 21, 2013

This week, I was at the doctor‘s office. I have a viral respitory infection including bronchitis. Rest and fluids along with an inhaler and I am beginning to feel better. Since I was at the doctor anyway, I had him check a spot on my face. I asked if I should see a dermitologist. He answered that I did have several pre-cancerous spots, but that he could take care of them for me that day. So, I had several spots around the edge of my face and collar bone area frozen with nitrogen. I never was a fan of tanning for the fun of it. I was always proud to be kind of the descendant of Snow White. And I do try to use hats and sunscreen in Papua New Guinea, but I do not always do the best job. So, now I am paying the price with a few sores for a few days. I‘ll try to do a better job at protecting my skin in the future.

UPDATE on Jeffery. He never actually had surgery. But he still needs to be careful for several more weeks to protect his collar bone. Pray that his extended family & the Onobasulu community help with the tasks that he would normally do for his family until his shoulder area is stronger and he is able to the normal daily life tasks of an Onobasulu man.

PRAY for Osa Wabele. Osa is the wife of one of the translators, Wabele Fuga. She has trouble with her knee.

The same plane that brought Jeffery back to Walagu, took Osa out to see a doctor and also picked up Anna Stoppels to return to Ukarumpa.

Anna has now returned to the Netherlands. Thanks, Anna, for your time in PNG and blessings on you & your family as you all settle back into your life there.

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