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Spring & Snow

February 26, 2013

My friend, Krista, recently returned to Pennsylvania from Papua New Guinea. Now the second blizzard is headed her way. Pray that she does not freeze! When I was little, it seemed that we always missed the snow. I do miss snow, but I am so very glad that we are missing the blizzard that has blown through the panhandle area of Texas & Oklahoma, and now continues to blow through other states! However, we had the very strong winds in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, and some damage and deaths.

I was in Troup, Texas on Sunday morning, and then Mineola, Texas Sunday evening. I had a great time sharing about Bible translation & literacy for the Ononbasulu people. Thanks to 2 great congregations that are an important part of our team! I also enjoyed the drive into East Texas. I so enjoy seeing the early blooming trees and flowers. One tree that really was amazing. Actually, it is two trees growing side by side. The first tree was a beautifully shaped, dark green cedar tree. The second tree was a tree just budding out in a white flower. So, it looked as though the cedar was just floating in a cloud of white lace.

The Onobasulu live in the tropics, snow and winter season are not something that they personally now. However, the Bible does mention various seasons (not just rain with sun and rain with cloud seasons!) as well as snow. So it takes creativity to come up with good ways to talk about these issues. Pray for us each day as we try to come up with the correct, grammatical Onobasulu words to adequately translate Scripture!

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  1. Heather Handloff permalink
    February 26, 2013 4:11 pm

    Mineola! I think I have been there.

    Glad to see an update.

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