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Independence Day

March 2, 2013

Today, 2 March, is Texas Independence Day! The Texans declared independence from the Republic of Mexico. Remember the Alamo! Remember Goliad! Hurray for the victory at San Jacinto! My family was not yet in Texas, so I do not have an ancestor that fought in any of the battles. But I do have family that arrived during the Republic of Texas. I am 6th generation Texan, and proud of it.

I am also proud of being American. So, July 4th is also a fun holiday. I enjoyed sharing bits of USA history my Onobasulu co-workers. I explained that USA began as British colonies, also. But that we were the rebellious oldest brother and had to fight to be our own country. But that Australia and Papua got their independence without the war. And they get to remain part of the British Commonwealth. Papua New Guinea shares its Independence Day with Mexico, 16th September.

But, I am not really independent. First of all, I declare my dependence on God, the Father. He is the One who supplies my needs, from the air we breathe to prompting fellow believers to give offerings to the Onobasulu translation program that provides my salary. I am also dependent on the prayer support for our work. Thanks to those who join us in praying!

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