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Ode to Opposible Thumbs

April 6, 2013

Well, not really a poem. But as I have been recently dealing with pain in my hands, esp. my right thumb, I have been thinking about how amazingly our hands work. Our hands work and can do so many things. I was afraid that I had some tendon damage, like carpal tunnel. But no, just plain ole arthritis in the basal joint. That is the joint where the thumb comes off the wrist. I did get shot into both basal thumb joints earlier this week. It was quite painful, but I am doing much better now. As my right hand has more damage, I am now trying to teach my left thumb to do work the space bar. But that goes against many years of typing & is quite hilarious to watch & I get funny typos. Pray for healing, as Bible translation for the Onobasulu people requires lots of typing & computer work.

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  1. Jana Shumate permalink
    April 17, 2013 7:00 am

    I hear ya…….I had Carpal Tunnel Surgery on both hands about six or seven years ago and DeQuerveins Release on one hand (that’s the pain on moving thumb and first finger.) And all was well, I however, fell last week and my left arm is hurting. A sprain, but that can be a painful nuisance, and take awhile to heal. Big huge green bruise on my left arm. Had to be seen at the free clinic, no insurance, since I was laid off last October. Tough job market out there. Looking better now – more jobs opening up. So left hand a bit shakey, pardon spelling errors, etc. Been praying for your group in PNG since earthquake. And you and your missionary partners as well. God Bless, Jana

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