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Yesterday, I ordered a new laptop computer. . .

June 29, 2013

The men who originally wrote the Bible used stylus pens with moistened ink bricks on vellum or papyrus. Any copy was carefully handwritten and checked. Over the generations, the stylus pen was replaced by quill pen; the ink brick was replaced by liquid ink; and vellum continued to be used alongside paper made from linen, cotton or wood. The real technology leap was the printing press.

The Bible translation movement really blossomed in the last 100 years. The up-to-date technology used by those translators was the typewriter with carbon copies. Data was stored on 3 x 5 index cards in small boxes. And as many books as they could haul out to the remote areas (then, to keep the cockroaches from eating the books and cards).

Now we get to use computers! I believe that God allowed computers, esp. laptops to be invented in our generation to speed the work of Bible translation and other forms of spreading the Gospel.

I am so glad to stand on the shoulders of all of these technologies. There are several specialized programs to help the Bible translation process go forward. So, I do need a computer with a good-sized screen, lots of memory space, and a good heavy duty case for all of the travel that the computer will be doing during its work life.

I knew generally what I needed, but had not looked much, as I did not want to become too dissatisfied with my older computer. Then about one month ago, I began really serious window-shopping. I looked in stores to both garner info and to get hands on feel. I searched various internet sites. OK, I really looked enough to seriously confuse myself. So, many choices. But which models would really hold up well among the Onobasulu in the tropical rain forest? What is the real failure rate? And which companies provide service in Papua New Guinea (very few) or neighboring Australia? I did talk with the Wycliffe IT guys for my final consultation. As I have some very specific technical needs, I have now ordered a business class computer and hope that it will be waiting for me when I return in a couple of weeks from a special trip!

I was blessed by specific offerings towards the computer. Thank you, Father God.

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