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Twenty years & counting. . .

July 24, 2013

It was on the 23rd of July 1993, I first headed off to Papua New Guinea. As it was way before 9/11, we had a crowd of people there to say ‘Good-bye’ to me. It did help me feel loved and cared for. My uncle was taping the crowd & goodbyes. I am not sure what my fellow passengers thought when everyone gathered around me for a farewell prayer meeting.

On my way, I stopped in Hong Kong for a few days to de-compress from the stress of leaving & goodbyes; as well as visiting some friends. Then I finally arrived in PNG to begin my new & exciting ministry there.

I am once again working on returning to PNG to continue the work of Bible translation & literacy for & with the Onobasulu people. What all will it take to get me on the plane once again? Later this week, I have a physical, followed by some medical tests. I do still some new or increased prayer & financial support. I need both regular & one-time financial needs. If you are interested, just message me & I can give you some more details.

Also, we are still working on the need for work to be done on the Walagu airstrip. More details to follow soon!

Thanks for your interest & prayers. Have a blessed week.

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