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If I had a hammer. . .

July 25, 2013

An obstacle to overcome ~

My ‘to do’ list for returning to PNG is sometimes quite long and overwhelming. One item that I have been working on for a while is to re-finance my little Arlington house at the lower rates, and improve my monthly budget. Everyone is doing this, right?!
Well, after paperwork, waiting, appraisals, etc, I have a conditional approval. Meaning, I can close on my refinance & have lower monthly payments after a few repairs. Well, one requirement was adding at least one more smoke detector. Check, bought one today & after a quick nap, it should get installed this evening. 🙂

However, the requirements for the loan to close are to replace a few areas of external walls where the wood has greatly deteriorated. Easy, huh?

OK, as a single lady missionary, I have done heaps of things outside of my comfort zone. And heaps of things when I thought something like, ‘I never learned this in Bible School or linguistics class!’

But, I really think that I need someone who has the proper tools & knows what they are doing. Are you in the Arlington, TX area? Does a hammer in your hand make you happy? Like shopping at Lowes?

Please pray for this need to be met. I cannot do this now myself. And various of my plans have just fallen through. I know that God will work it out some way. It is funny to me how that after even all of this time, the life of ‘walk by faith & not sight’ is still sometimes amazingly difficult.

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