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July 30, 2013

Today, I finally got my new computer! My other computer has really been a struggle most of its life & recently has been really struggling. I am so very grateful to the dear saints who generously gave so that I could purchase this lovely business class computer. Its main task is to be the work horse computer of the Onobasulu translation & literacy program.
Today, I also had a mammogram. There is a strong family tend towards breast cancer in my maternal grandmother’s family, so this is particularly important for me. It is a sad fact that mammograms are not readily available in Papua New Guinea, so my next mammogram will take heaps more planning. But I do not need to worry about that today.

Later today, my mom goes to the dentist to be fitted for an appliance to help with her mild case of sleep apnea. But she was so glad to not consider the cpap machine, that she is willing to try this technique. Pray that it does help both her sleep & breathing at night.

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