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Heartbeats from this week:

August 2, 2013

In, Out, Rest; In, Out, Rest. . . That is how our hearts are supposed to beat. Today, I had my EKG. I am happy to report that I got good results from my test. I have nice, normal reading.

Now, yesterday, there might have been a tear drop among the beats. The 1st of August would have been my dad’s birthday. I do still miss him so very much. However, I do have heaps of good memories to comfort my heart.

Earlier, this week, I got my annual mammogram. It was not fun, but I am glad to get it done and checked off the medical ‘to do’ list. I got a good report back from this test also! Yikes, just the colonoscopy to go. How funny that the colonoscopy is the last item on the medical test list to happen. LOL
I had a cavity filled last week; I lost the filling this week. Next week I get to go back to the dentist. I think I have been there enough, that I should qualify for my own key.

I have been trying very hard to get some work done on my house so that I can close on the re-finance of my mortgage (save me some money each month)! After pursuing various options, the work finally began today.

After ordering the computer, my travels away from home, and waiting for approval of the license for a particular, needed program, I finally got to bring my new computer home this week!

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