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Beyond the desk. . .

November 9, 2013

“I am a Bible translator.” Does that make you think that I only sit around at a desk with a huge stack of dusty, erudite books?

I do work at a desk & computer a lot, but I also do heaps of things way that do not involve a desk. More importantly, our Onobasulu co-workers are learning how to use a computer. This is part of their training, with the purpose of the translation work to go on for the Onobasulu with them in charge with God’s help.

However, most days I think to myself, ‘I did not learn about this in Bible school or linguistic class!’ In the past, I have been a building supervisor, and that looms on my near horizon (see upcoming blog on literacy office!). I have done heaps of first aid, from a simple band-aid to boils, to burns, to broken bones ~ all way beyond my comfort zone! I have been an exterminator: spiders, cockroaches, termites, mice, and fruit bats. Technically, the fruit bat was not in the house, only trying to get in, and I did not actually kill it. But I did lure it away from the house.

Besides letting you peep into my kitchen cabinet, can you guess the purpose of this stack of containers? The standard mouse trap was not working, nor the poison. Every night we were invaded by mice/rats who not only worked at stealing our food & supplies, but very much stole our sleep. The rat was to run down the improvised ramp, and fall into the water in the bucket and cease to disturb us. It did not really work!
At the moment, two non-desk jobs need to be taken care of. First, rebuild the literacy office. Second, the Walagu airstrip needs to be re-surfaced. More on both of these topics to come.

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  1. Pamela Metcalf permalink
    November 10, 2013 12:11 am

    Beverly, one of the tricks my brother used to get rid of mice was like yours, a bucket. But he put a do-nut in the bottom of the bucket or tall trash can, set up a ramp to the lip. The mice or rats ran up the ramp and jumped in to get the do-nut, then couldn’t get out. Don’t know if your mice and rats are better jumpers than ours. If not, might be worth a try.

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