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Thanks to my team. . .

November 21, 2013

I often talk about my team of co-workers in Papua New Guinea, and they deserve to be talked about and given credit for their part of the work for the Onobasulu translation and literacy program. However, today, I want to focus on my sending team.

Next week is Thanksgiving, and I like to thank those who have poured into my life. Here is a funny thing that I have discovered about myself. When I was young and naïve, I thought that I would either say ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to what God was asking me to do and that would be whether or not the task happened. More and more, I see how we only make progress as a team ~ the Lone Ranger is not a Kingdom principle!

So, first of all, thanks to my family. I do love you all so much, and more each year. Leaving you is the most difficult part of my work. I want to be with you for every holiday and birthday and just average days. I want to be there for first steps, first day of school, and first dates, all the other significant days, and just average days. You also pay the price of my going to Papua New Guinea, especially my mom. Thanks, Mom! Pray for a missionary’s mom today!

Thanks to my home church that poured into my life and send me away. This furlough, because of Mom’s surgery and recovery, I got to attend more services. It was so special for all of you to be excited to see me and say, “I am so glad that you are here!” Only, I shared with some of you how if I am there at home church, I am not getting an offering or pledge. So, it so tickled my heart when you would then see me and exclaim, “Oh no, you are here!” You are my foundation.

Thanks so much to all of the rest of my team, those who God has brought into my life making it such a rich and glorious tapestry. Some of you have known me since I was child, and have been a part of my life. Others have been introduced more recently. However, each of you give so much to me and to the work of Onobasulu Bible translation. Thank you for your prayers. Thank you to those of you who share financial gifts.

Won’t it be exciting in Heaven when the Onobasulu can come up to you and say, “Wiso nafulu. Nini henelu bule!” Thank a lot. We are so happy! Because you are a part of us receiving God’s Word in our own heart language. And that is the reason I’ll be getting on the plane again in January and leaving a large part of my heart behind here in Texas & the USA!

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