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November 29, 2013

That is not a typo, but the minute sermon I saw this week. I did so much like the challenge to not only be thankful today, but to live thankfully each day. I do have so very much to be thankful for. I have so many people that love me, and I love them back.

I am so grateful to my niece, Heather, for letting Nana and I camp out at her house for a more than a week. And, thanks, Jessica, for letting Lily stay extra at Aunt Heather’s house with Nana and Aunt Beverly. And we are all counting down the days ‘til the new baby arrives any day now!

We have enjoyed the cooler weather, but are glad that we did not have horrible weather. In fact, it was just right for blowing bubbles. I did bring some work with me. But oddly enough, I have not accomplished much official work this week. However, we had lots of fun memories. Here is a fun conversation that I recently had with my niece: Brinley said, “Do you know why I love you, Auntie Beverly?” I was not sure what my imaginative niece would answer, but I asked, “Why do you love me?” “Because you are so pretty.” Well, my heart melted. It was the nicest compliment that I got in a while.

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