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List of Lists

December 1, 2013

Today is the first day of December 2013. It is a good day. Mom and I continue to enjoy special family time. And we anxiously await tomorrow when our newest family member who should arrive tomorrow.

I am working on my computer this afternoon. Today, I officially begin the list of lists. I have one master list keeping track of the kinds of lists floating around in my head and life! Examples of the kinds of list: Shopping to take back with me to PNG; What to pack to ship surface; What to pack in suitcases (buy one more suitcase!); What paperwork needs to be completed before I leave (think taxes!! and other paperwork); What work from my USA ‘to do list’ still needs to be done; What paperwork and linguistic & translation work needs to go back to PNG; etc.

Remember, I am moving in January. And not just any move, I cannot run back for what I forgot. If you have moved long distance, particularly overseas, you will understand.
Thanks for praying for wisdom & daily strength for me each day.

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