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Introducing my newest niece!

December 4, 2013

Monday evening my newest, little niece finally arrived. It seems like we had waited forever for her to arrive. I was not at the hospital because my assigned duty along with Nana Rowena was to keep the other three girls entertained. Somehow, we did not think that having two 4year olds and one 1 year old at the hospital for a long wait would be a good idea. 🙂
Nana and I did have fun playing and watching cartoons with the big sister and two cousins. However, little Hailey Rose waited until the evening to finally arrive. So, our hearts were sad to not get to make it to the hospital on Monday evening.

Tuesday morning saw our entire crowd showing up at the hospital to see our new arrival. Here Hailey gets acquainted with Aunt Beverly:

After a short visit, Heather took her two girls and Nana back home to rest. Aunt Beverly then got to spend the afternoon with new mom, Jessica, and Lily and Hailey. We had a great time just cuddling and talking. I think that I was the happiest auntie around.

Now the question of why I am talking about this sweet girl in a blog about the translation work for the Onobasulu people. I am busy getting ready to return to Papua New Guinea. And my heart is excited and busy with plans for both translation and literacy work. I also think so much about the work needed for both the literacy office, and the Walagu airstrip.

The most difficult part of the Onobasulu work is my actually getting on the plane in Texas and leaving my family. I do love my family, and I miss them so very much. Because of work, this is the first time that I was close by when one of my four dear, little great nieces was born. It was such a fun and special memory. But also, for just a few moments yesterday, as I held and cuddled my new girl, I shed a few tears. I will miss so many of her precious growing up moments.

Pray for all of us who work in the harvest fields that are far removed from our family.

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