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Just under a month!

December 12, 2013

I leave for PNG on the 10th of January! I do still have a very long ‘to do’ list! So, what did I do this week, just one month before I leave? On Tuesday, I had a follow-up doctor’s appointment. The clinic recommends that I bring an entire year’s worth of my ongoing prescriptions. So, I now have a fist-full of prescriptions to get filled. If you are interested in helping me meet this need, just let me know. On Wednesday, I was back at the doctor to get 3 immunizations. Well, I only got two shots. My arm is a bit sore, but I am happy to protect myself from potential health issues. This morning, I began a third immunization regime. I take 4 doses of Typhoid meds, over the course of the week.

I also had a great visit yesterday with a dear friend from my college days. Because we met on campus, I was also able to attend the dedication of the new communications building. That was a great treat.

Today is a family day. My mom, aunt, and I will visit with my great-aunt & great-uncle. Then we drive on down to see my cousin. Fun day.

Pray for strength & wisdom for each day.

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