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This week in Beverly’s life

December 21, 2013

Three weeks from right now, I’ll be on the plane, just beginning my long journey.

So, what did I do the fourth week out?

I began the week with family on Saturday. I drove cross country to be ready for Sunday morning. I enjoyed wending my way across central, north Texas. As I drove along, I was admiring the horses and cattle in the pasture. Suddenly, I realized that I was seeing a herd of deer grazing at early dusk. It was exciting to my heart. Sunday morning including a lovely Christmas program, topped off with me sharing about Bible translation for the Onobasulu.

I did spend some time with special friends visiting & saying our temporary good-byes. I do want to see friends & family, but saying ‘Good-bye’ over and over is hard on my heart. I do have a bit of time after the 1st of January ~ call me soon if you want to see me!

I also did some ‘power shopping’ at the outlet mall. I got some shoes, some clothes, a couple of suitcases, and some gift for my Onobasulu co-workers. It was fun to shop ‘til I drop. However, the drop stage now comes earlier than it used to!

I have also had trouble with the pad under the carpet in my bedroom. So this week, my uncle and his work crew came and helped me remove the carpet. They also worked on the small storage shed at my house. It had settled down into the ground, so they jacked it up and re-set the supporting bricks. My uncle is a career house mover, so straightening my small shed was really just a lunch break job. Since I was a little girl, I have considered my uncle the strongest man I knew.

We also are working on plans to be with family for Christmas.

May you be with those you love!!

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