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Tropical Housekeeping 101

January 25, 2014

Today: we washed the solar panels for my hot water heater; bleach in the tank; & continuing to bleach out cupboards. Don’t you wish you were here with me? My house in Ukarumpa in along one of the main roads, at the bottom of the hill. So, cars like to get up a good head of steam before they begin the hill. Therefore, my roof gets lots of dust. So, today someone helped me clean the solar panel. Rather than using expensive electricity, or gas to heat my water, I use the copious energy from the sun.

We also cleaned out my gutters. The majority of the water that I use in Ukarumpa, and all of my water in Walagu is rain water. Remember the dust on the roof, as well as mold, etc. that floats around in the air. So, we put bleach into the tank to kill off what should not be there. I already have my bleach bottles to take to Walagu for that tank there. There are not roads there to kick up dust, but there are some trees nearby to share their leaves into the gutters.

Still working on cleaning the closets & cupboards. With rain each day, it is hard to get both the cupboards and for the newly laundered clothes to get dry.

One last note, the flour is now out of the freezer, wrapped in towels coming to room temperature.

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