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And now to Plan ‘B’ . . .

February 1, 2014

When I arrived in Papua New Guinea on the 15th of January, I fully expected that in just 3 weeks, I would be out to Walagu village in the 4th of February. Now because of a variety of circumstances, my flight date to Walagu has been changed to Wednesday, 12th of January.

Now really, the three weeks was too short of a time to both resettle in Ukarumpa and to prepare to move to Walagu. So, Friday afternoon when the decision was made to change the flight date, I was both disappointed and relieved.

The disappointment was partly because we had gone to the radio here at Ukarumpa to talk with Walagu village. We were hoping to hear that the correct number of trees had been cut and gathered at Walagu. No one came to the radio. That was a bit daunting, as the report at the beginning of the week was that they were behind on cutting the trees, but that everyone was going to work on cutting trees this week, and then give us a good report on the trees cut on Friday. So, we were left wondering, 1 ~ ‘Is everyone out cutting trees, and no one remembered to come to the radio?’ OR 2~ ‘Were they embarrassed to come and tell us that not enough trees are already cut?’ That was a part of the decision, to give further time to finish cutting the required number of trees. The other significant part of the decision was that we are taking out a new portable saw mill, and that there was still quite a bit of prep work to be done to take this new saw mill out. We have to plan for a variety of potential problems as we cannot just run down the street to Lowes and buy what we need! We have to take it with us. So, the extra boxes of blades did not come with the saw mill. This maybe gives us time get those blades, as well as planning to take a blade sharpener.
I will admit I was also glad for the extra week and day. In fact, I just took yesterday off. I just stayed home, and did nothing. It was quite relaxing. Today, I am looking forward to a good day at church with friends, and a bit of planning for this week. Then tomorrow back to working hard to getting ready to return to Walagu!

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