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There is a Mosquito in my bedroom!

February 5, 2014

Is there any sound more annoying than a buzzing mosquito when you are trying to sleep? Just turn off the light, and zoom you are buzz-bombed! You cannot swat & kill it. Mosquitos can get away better than just about any bug. Or the pre-dawn sneak attack. Who wants to wake up too early to buzz, buzz in their ears?

Normally, I would not worry about mosquitos at Ukarumpa, other than the disturbance, as we celebrate being a mile high in the mountains. However, after years of people coming and going from all over Papua New Guinea, and bringing back with them various kinds of malaria. I do need to think about being more pro-active & safe. So, time to dust off the Ukarumpa mosquito net and get it up over my bed. I then need to get used to once again sleeping in a cage.

And of course, once I am arrive next week in Walagu, I definitely want to be sleeping under my mosquito net. I want to be safe from flying & creepy crawlies at night!

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