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Countdown to Walagu

February 11, 2014

Laundry done & basically dry; boxes packed, well a couple of more things to jump in; dishes down & draining; leftovers put into the freezer. I just need to fall into the shower. I get a few hours of sleep, then up & get ready for aviation.

Aviation sends a van around in the early morning to pick everyone up. As I type this, the van will be here to get in just over six hours. The cargo for the Kodiak airplane will be weighed & mostly packed. We’ll just finish up with our last items. We may be overweight. If so, pray that we make the right decisions on what does get to go & what get left behind.

The main work during this stay in Walagu is to cut planks of lumber from trees the community cut recently. That lumber will get built into a literacy & translation office in April. More about that later.

Technical note for those who read this far. I have the equipment to replace what was damaged my last Walagu village stay during the lightning strike. And I hope that it goes out with us, but it might not make the overweight cut, as sawmill, tools, etc. will trump those boxes. So, I might not be posting to the blog until after 3rd March. And of course, I’ll not be on Facebook either.

Thank you so much for praying that we all stay healthy & accident free; that the equipment works well; and mostly, that all we say & do gives glory to God.

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