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The Onobasulu literacy office in Walagu is old and needs to be replaced!

March 17, 2014

Over the weekend, Hauwo Sebo fell as he came down the stairs from the literacy office.

He had been in the office working. As you can see from this photo, many of the boards are totally gone or in bad shape. He came down the stairs and a board either came loose or broke. He fell to the ground and was unconscious for about one hour. At this time, there is no medical person (or supplies) in Walagu. The people there prayed for him while worrying that he had died. He did come back to consciousness, but he is still very sore and not feeling well. Please join us in praying a full and good recovery with no ongoing problems for Hauwo.

My work today continues to be preparing for going back to Walagu with construction guys to build us a new building on the 7th of April. We have lots of work to get down each day for that to happen.

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