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The Gospel of John

March 20, 2014

It is always funny to me when someone asks me what my favorite verse in the Bible is. I have many favorites, some always on the list, and some verses that recently spoke to my heart. But I do enjoy reading John’s Gospel. I especially read & re-read chapters 13-17. These verses cover that last night Jesus spent with His disciples. He knew it was the last night, and that they were oblivious. But still He opened up His heart to them.

One part of my life that I do not like is to continually be saying ‘good-bye’ to someone dear to me. And I also save the best & deepest thoughts to share at the last minute. So, I love to imagine myself there that night with the disciples and Jesus is saying these things to me & to my heart. And of course, that is why John wrote about that night and shared it with us, because Jesus was also meaning us, as He refers to us in His prayer recorded in Chapter 17.

While I was on furlough in the USA, the four Onobasulu co-translators made a first draft of John’s Gospel, along with some of the shorter epistles. Anna Stoppels and 2 of the translators are currently working on the 2nd draft. Yesterday afternoon, I typed from the small exercise book the first draft of John chapter 14. I had a great time typing it. Only it was a bit hard to keep my mind on typing words. I wanted to get caught up in what the words mean for me. I really wanted to get caught up in what the words mean in & for the Onobasulu. But that was not my job; it was just to type. I do relish the thought that later it will be my turn to dive deep in the John’s Gospel in the Onobasulu language!

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