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Phase two Literacy Office Re-Build begins today!

March 26, 2014

I just got back from our small airstrip close to Ukarumpa. Kesken has gone out to finish cutting planks for the literacy office. Regular readers of my blog will remember that in February, two men were out in Walagu village to cut logs into planks for building the Onobasulu people a new literacy office. We were there just under 3 weeks. Heaps of wood was cut, but it was not really quite enough wood cut.

Kesken has gone out to finish the cut list. Here Kesken & Michael discuss what needs to be cut.

Kesken will fly into Muluma airstrip as Walagu airstrip is closed. (More information coming soon on that issue!) Some Onobasulu men are meeting Kesken at Muluma today. Then they will all walk back through the tropical rain forest from Muluma to Walagu. Today’s hike for them should be 4-6 hours, according to the weather & how fast they can all travel together. I regret to say, that I cannot do this hike.

Here at Ukarumpa, Anna Stoppels & the two Onobasulu translators hope to finish second draft of John’s Gospel either late this afternoon or tomorrow morning. Then we will print John’s Gospel again for read through over the weekend. Anna Stoppels leaves Ukarumpa on her way back to the Netherlands on Monday! Jack & Walebe leave Ukarumpa for Muluma on Tuesday, to then walk back to Walagu! Pray that Wabele’s foot continues to heal well.

Beverly & Lindsey continue to prepare for their trip out to Walagu on 7th April, with two other construction guys. Kesken will return to Ukarumpa on the back loading of that flight.
We are still not sure of the exact date that Lindsey & I return to Ukarumpa from Walagu in May. Pray that the correct flight date can be worked out.

I do not have visions of sugarplums dancing in my head when going to sleep at night. I have logistics banging around in my thoughts. Pray for good rest each night.

And off to Walagu:

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