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More Weather, Laundry, & Kilograms!

April 5, 2014

I am in the middle of a laundry marathon. I usually just two loads of laundry on any given day as it hangs out in the sun to dry. My machine is quite slow, & so two loads takes a while. I can squeeze two loads onto the back porch if the sunny day turns to rain (often happens in the afternoon). But the third load is now rinsing. I have some extra stuff out on the line getting air & sun. And, I am considering beginning a fourth load. You did not know I could take such wild risks, did you?! It does look like it will be sunny for a while longer, so by the time the next load finishes, the first load should be dry. And yes, I am behind on laundry, and would like to leave for Walagu with my Ukarumpa laundry caught up!

I did spend a while out at aviation yesterday with the two construction guys. We re-weighed and prioritized the cargo waiting to fly to Walagu. Keep on praying for good weather on our Monday morning, both for Ukarumpa & Walagu & points in between. At the moment, if we can get the full load of cargo onto the Kodiak (not losing some kilograms due to bad weather), then the most important work & construction items can come with us. If we get to aviation Monday morning, and there is a bad weather report, we will have to pull items to come on the next flight, 30th April. Of course, that flight picks up the construction guys, so it would be my cargo coming off! I do have an ordered list of which box to remove.

Thanks to those of you who reminded me that I have been ‘watching weights’ all of March. I have lost a wee bit of my own body weight, said the person who just ate a cookie. And all month as we planned this next trip, we were all aware that the cargo weight space was very tight.

NEWS FLASH: Cancel the 4th load of laundry – A big, gray cloud just came & covered the sun. I better go & see if anything is dry yet!

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