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How does Walagu village email work?

April 12, 2014

When I am in Walagu village working with the Onobasulu, do I have internet access? No. then how do I update this blog, or have something show up on Facebook?
If Digicel mobile phone service is working, I can text my niece and she can post to my Facebook page. When I post a new blog entry, that post should show up as a new entry on Facebook.

I can write new entries to my blog by sending an email to a special email address that only I use, and this posts a new blog entry. Today, I’ll send this email to the blog address. A new post will show up for you to read. And if all works well, it will also post current status on FB.

Only smaller emails will come through to me in Walagu. If you send a larger email, or one with attachments, it will wait until late May when I am back in Ukarumpa. So, please be patient waiting for my response back to you. Since we only got our antenna up yesterday, I already have a list of emails waiting on answers. Here is an Onobasulu young man installing the new antenna that can handle sending & receiving emails. This replaces the one destroyed by the first lightning strike.

For those who really want to know why & how, keep on reading. If you are not interested in techie details, you probably just want to go on with other things. Either way, please know that I appreciate you all and have a good day! I first write on email using my Outlook program. Then I do send/receive to a special second program on my computer. I then do a second send/receive out of this program. This program talks to the special modem that changes my characters in the email to radio waves. (This modem is a bit different than those you remember that would send your emails over the phone lines.) Then radio then transmits/receives to & from the dedicated radio at our main working center of Ukarumpa. There once again the same kind of modem changes the radio waves back to emails and send them to the server. That village email server then sends the emails to the regular server and on off to all of you in cyberland. Your emails coming to me do the reverse process: 1st server, special village email server, modem, Ukarumpa radio, my radio, my modem, special program on my computer, finally to Outlook. To me this progress is amazing! But think old fashioned dial-up and slow. And if there is static or weather interference on the radio, it gets even slower.

Therefore it might take a day or two for your email to get to me, even when the entire system is going well. And sometimes the systems go down for a few hours/days.

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