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For the Glory of God and Bible Translation

April 15, 2014

As daily life happens here in Walagu, I often think to myself, ‘I did not learn about this in either linguistics class or Bible school.’ Don’t get me wrong, I did learn many valuable lessons in both places, but life definitely happens outside of the classroom.

Take today for instance. I can see out my window the Onobasulu men helping LaVeryl and Michael working on the translation & literacy office. I can hear the conversation and tools. Occasionally, I hear, “Look out!” That definitely makes me look out the window, wondering, ‘What happened?!’

For myself, after breakfast, I began making bread. It is on its first rise, and the faint aroma of rising bread is wafting my direction as I type. One of the young ladies of the village came to get our laundry this morning. Now the laundry is hanging on the back verandah. (Thanks, Lindsey for hanging up the clothes while I kneaded the bread.) The rest of my ‘to do’ includes things like auditing the cash journal for the teacher’s pay records; writing a letter to Oil Search on behalf of the community inviting Oil Search community affairs officers to a meeting regarding needed repairs on the Walagu airstrip; making a list of chapters to be recorded for the AudiBibles; making the list of readers for those chapters; and finishing the bread. I am sure other items will come up during the course of the day.

Today, Lindsey had planned to go out to prepare sago with some Onobasulu young ladies. Doing things with the people is a great way to both learn the language in context and to build strong relationships. As it was raining, the girls did not come first thing this morning as we expected. However, that did let her get the breakfast dishes done & laundry hung on the verandah to dry by gravity. Yea! Yonina just arrived to get Lindsey. (One note about the laundry, I have ladies from the village come and help with the washing of the laundry. I then pay them with bars of laundry soap. These laundry bars are valued here, and this arrangement helps all of us.)

Paul reminds us in Colossians 3:17 that whatever we do, do it all in the name of the Lord and give thanks to Him. Therefore, when I am doing something that seems to hard, or seems not really related to Bible translation, I remind my heart that all of these daily tasks are also done for the Glory of God and Bible translation.

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