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Good Friday in Walagu

April 17, 2014

This morning is overcast and the normally vibrant greens of the surrounding forest do seem subdued. My heart is solemn as I think about and remember what Christ went through during the night & morning of His trial, then death on the cross. I try to imagine the terror and horror that would be in the heart of the disciples (and me, if I would have been there). Yet, there is solace and excitement lurking in a corner of my heart, because I know that Resurrection morning is coming. I even remember that last Sunday’s triumphant cry of ‘Hosanna’ is really a cry to a Savior, of “Lord, save us!” It is very good to be reminded of the amazing and generous price paid for our free salvation, especially as it is so easy to forget during our day to day lives.

How does our remembrance and celebration of Good Friday and Resurrection Sunday affect the building work? Well, it is an amazing tension, esp. as PNG normally has both Good Friday and Monday as official holidays. However, we have the two construction guys here for just a short time to work. So, our compromise is an early morning prayer service, beginning about 5:30 a.m. Lindsey did attend this service. Work will end a bit early this afternoon for a late afternoon service.

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