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April 19, 2014

Easter Sunday morning among the Onobasulu people does not include a sunrise service, but we are thinking about the joy and excitement of Resurrection Morning.

The plan for this morning is for Wabele to preach the Easter Sunday morning message. You may remember that Wabele was just in Ukarumpa for the second draft & advisor check of the Gospel of John. During the discussions of the meaning of scripture text verse by verse, Wabele was busy taking notes. Wabele is one of the local pastors and often preaches. So, this week, Wabele asked me for a working copy of the Gospel of John, as he planned to preach Sunday about the things that he had just learned during the revision of John’s Gospel. What is the very best way to make a Bible translator happy? To have someone immediately apply what they have learned from the scripture in their own heart language!

Thank you so very much for your prayers on our behalf. This is your joy also.

Have a blessed Resurrection Sunday. We have a Risen Savior, and He is Lord.

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