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You’ve Got Mail!

April 21, 2014

I do love the convenience of text messages & emails, even the slow email that I can do here from Walagu village. And for certain important news, getting that news right away is a blessing. However, an email is really not the same excitement as going to the post office and checking to see if there is mail, and finding a real letter or card! Of course, I do not get excited about bills.

So, this blog post is too let you know that there is an important mail occasion coming up. Right now it is taking about one month for letters and small packages to travel from the USA to Papua New Guinea. So, this is the week to buy and mail that special birthday card for me. My birthday is May 22; and I will have just arrived back in Ukarumpa (where the mail arrives!) on my birthday. So, keep those cards and letters coming. I know, I do owe some letters to a few of you. I hope to catch up very soon. Here is my mailing address:
Beverly R Mosley
PO Box 1 (22)
Ukarumpa, EHP 444

No pressure, but some of you have asked what would be good things to send in small packages. The following are things that make me happy. Chocolate is always acceptable;
packages of nuts (pecans, almonds) or dried fruit (currents, craisins, any berry);
packages of pens & pencils, with erasers: in both translation & literacy, we use lots of these;
zip bags, various sizes & strengths: I use many of these all of the time;
some nice, strong kitchen dish cloths: doing dishes by hand, I go through heaps:
Nice stationery for all of those letters that I need to write back to you all!
Seriously, the most important thing that you can do for me or to send are the prayers that you send up to our Heavenly Father on my behalf.

Disclaimer RE: Beverly’s mom: my mom did try to teach me manners & to not ask for presents! 🙂

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