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Roofing iron today

April 25, 2014

Yesterday, I thought that the roofing iron would go up onto the roof. However, there are several important support steps that I had left out. That is why I am the Bible translator and they are the carpenters! Anyway, good work happened yesterday, but the roofing iron will not begin to go up until maybe mid-day today. It is not up yet. Hopefully some good photos tomorrow! Several steps in the work on the building has taken longer than planned, for example, the portable saw mill did cut wood, but it was not really dressed/trimmed ready to use. So, much of the wood needed to be re-cut/trimmed. The construction guys are on a tight schedule, and will be leaving on next Wednesday. The building will not be all of the way completed by then. Pray each day for good and safe work time. Also pray for wisdom these next few days as to what work should actually happen each day.

The guys are working hard each day, from early light to just about dark, with breaks for breakfast & lunch. Our dinners are generally after dark. Lindsey & I cook some of the days. On the other days however, our Onobasulu friends help with dinner. I provide some ‘store bought’ food, and they supply food from their gardens, and maybe some meat from hunting. This is a great time of fellowship. Here is one of the translator families. Wabele & Osa live across a ravine that is scary for me to walk in the dark. So, not only did Osa graciously cook, but they brought the dinner to our house. 🙂 OK, it is easier to carry a saucepan or two than to safely get me to their house & back in the dark!

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