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The second half of the roof

April 26, 2014

Saturday morning in Walagu. The kneaded bread is gently rising, and we look forward to fresh baked bread for lunch. Laundry is on the line. And across the ravine the roofing iron is going up on the second half of the roof. Here is the view from my back verandah of one sheet of roofing iron going up.

It is actually quite amazing, and just a little scary to watch a couple of men hand up the sheet of roofing iron. The roofing iron is heavy than would think. I worry, what if the guys on the roof let the sheet slip back down, what would happen? And of course, I worry about someone on the roof falling down. So, mostly, I do not watch, but just listen and pray. Thanks for joining us in prayer for safety and good health. Pray for wisdom for today, Monday, and Tuesday, the last 3 working days for the construction guys. Pray also for the Onobasulu community to take the ownership of finishing the building well.

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