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Other logistics for the construction of the new literacy & translation office (to be posted 27 April 2014)

April 27, 2014

Saturday afternoon, the two construction men are working with the Onobasulu men completing the work on the roof. By lunch, they had installed the second side of roofing iron, including a skylight section on each side of the building. After lunch, they worked on the roof cap pieces and some guard pieces that secure the roof. Loose sections are also secured.

Now, we will need to seriously consider what work can be completed by the Onobasulu community when the two men are no longer here. This will include portions of the work that really need the specialized tools that will return to Ukarumpa on the flight with the men.

During this last 3 weeks’ work time, where were the generator, tools, and other materials stored at night? Why, in the back of the church building. Isn’t that where you would store such items? OK, the louver forms and glass panels are around the perimeter of the main room of my house. I will be glad to get that space back.
Here is the view of the very back of the last Sunday morning. Good excuse for all of the congregation to all just move a little more to the front of the room. The very top left of the photo shows the homemade rack with booklets of translated scripture.

The church is not that far from either my house, or the new building. However, quite a bit of this equipment is very heavy. So, every morning and evening there is a parade of tools and materials back and forth to the work site. Here is one of the translators and the generator.

For the very observant, the wheel of the wheel barrow is really just the muddy rim. The tire portion of this wheel barrow perished many years ago. However, the wheel barrow does its valiant best every day. In fact, there is always just a bit of competition as to who gets to use the wheel barrow. It generally makes at least 2 trips each morning and evening.

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