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Last working day in Walagu for 2 construction men!

April 28, 2014

Lord willing & weather permitting, the helicopter will come on Wednesday morning, PNG time, to get Michael Wright & LaVeryl Voss. Today, they each have a list of items that they are trying to finish on the last working day. LaVeryl is working on doors and windows. The Onobasulu community will finish the walls. Michael is actually working on replacing my back porch/verandah on my house. The wood had deteriorated because of exposure to the weather. In fact, there were a couple of places where both a chair leg, and a person’s leg had broken through. Now, the back porch will be a great place to relax and enjoy the view, or hang up the clothes to dry on a rainy day. After lunch, a committee that will responsible to finish the building will meet with Michael & LaVeryl to discuss the work that will need to be done to finish the building. Pray that everyone is not too tired to keep on working on the building, and that it will be finished well.

Then, of course, the 2 guys need to pack up and get everything ready to go. And we plan to end the day with a feast to celebrate the work done on the building. The pig that will be the main item of the feast arrived Sunday afternoon.

Today, as the guys finish up their work, many of the community will be working on preparing the feast.

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