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Rainy Days & Mondays. . .

May 18, 2014

Well, they do not always get me down, however this is a rainy Monday. Today the helicopter is supposed to come into Walagu. Pray that the weather lifts and that the helicopter can get in safely. They have a stop in Mt. Hagen for a meeting with Mission Aviation Fellowship, then hope to arrive at Walagu around noon (4 ½ hours from now).

There are SIL aviation leaders on the plane. We hope also some government officials and community affairs officers from the oil company drilling in the area also come either today or tomorrow. The purpose of this longer stay is to evaluate the old, closed Walagu airstrip. What would it take to open this airstrip? Also to look at a site for a potential new airstrip. Pray for wisdom and grace about these decisions. The Onobasulu people really want a new airstrip, but we are not sure if the size is large enough, or what work would be needed.

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