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How many hats can Beverly wear?

May 28, 2014

Wearing different hats is a metaphor of being responsible for different jobs. First of all, I am still amazed after all of the years, how many hats the Bible translator wears. It is not all sitting at a quiet desk, with a stack of books, and just happily & quietly translating away. I thought partly I was drawn to Bible translation because of living with and among a people group and getting to know them, then making disciples through everyday life. Well, the ideal is still in my heart, but some days the reality of making disciples in everyday life can be overwhelming, because we are all broken people longing to be perfected in Christ, but still such a long way from that goal.

Looking back over the last few months since my return to PNG, I see so much that has been accomplished. We knew we needed a new literacy building, proved more in March, when Hauwo Sebo feel coming down the stairs and was injured, including a concussion that still affects his life and health today. Now the shell of that building is in place, and the Onobasulu people are continuing to work on this building to complete the interior walls. But twice being the logistics person to help make sure this happened, including cooking for hungry construction guys was a stretch. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed that time. I enjoyed seeing the work happen. I really loved getting to know better some of my brothers in Christ, and seeing their servant hearts. Doing construction jobs well makes their hearts sing, and it was a harmonized song to be doing construction to make Bible translation happen.

It was a huge joy and blessing to have Lindsey with me in Walagu village this last village stay. But it is still another adjustment being housemates in a small house with stressful life happening around us. I think we did quite well, but we are still adjusting, both to each other and especially for Lindsey to Onobasulu culture. She definitely isn’t in Kansas anymore!

This week, I am trying to finish up some Onobasulu work tasks, especially, I need to get a newsletter written and to the printer. I have begun the work of looking again at the materials for the course in early June where I am part of the teaching staff. By Monday, I need to be giving most of my attention to this course and its preparations. So, this blog post needs to end and let me get to work on other things!

And, I need to remember a sun hat! Have a blessed day with Jesus!

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