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The Princess and the Pea

June 2, 2014

I have a vivid imagination, and growing up, I had a fun time imagining myself as the princess of the story of my life. I now so enjoy seeing my young nieces having fun being princesses in their costumes. In fact, during my last visit with my niece Heather & her family, Heather and I were discussing our favorite princess movies when I said, “I’d like to see Sleeping Beauty.” Her four year old immediately replied, “Aunt Beverly, here I am.” Sure enough right in from of me from tiara through beautiful pink ball gown to pink dancing slippers, there she was Aurora with blonde curly hair! With laughter and hugs, I said to my little niece that I was glad to see her, but didn’t we want to watch the movie, too?

Only, I did not grow up to be Aurora, the sleeping beauty princess, I have become the princess with a pea in her bed. You will remember, a young girl shows up claiming to be a princes, but not clothed as a princess, so the queen tests her by hiding the pea in her bed. I have figured out that this young princess had fibromyalgia. That is how/why she could always feel that pea in her bed.

I do not like to talk too much about my fibromyalgia, mostly because I do not want to sound like the whiny friend. And because, most of the time, I am accustomed and have learned to manage my symptoms.

However, the last few months I have pushed quite a bit too hard to get a variety of work tasks done. These were all good, important things and on a time schedule not always in my control. God did help me greatly in getting things done, especially with help from others. I am now in the midst of a moderately severe fibromyalgia flare up. This means some of the symptoms get worse and make my day to day life not very nice. I had allowed some time off to recover from my last intense village time. But today, I am looking at my calendar. One week from today a course begins where I am part of the teaching staff. I need this week to prepare both myself and to work with the rest of the staff for the course. The course itself involves longer working hours, including during my needed rest time each day (read: manage my symptoms well!). Two weeks ago today, I posted about the need for no rain on a day during rainy season so that our solar panels could be installed, Then, God gave us a beautiful grace day of no rain! My heart is still filled with awe when I think of this day. So, my heart is filled with faith as I ask you to join with me in praying for grace, healing, strength, and stamina for me for the next couple of weeks in particular, and for all time overall. Thanks for holding me up when I cannot stand alone.

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