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If only/What if. . . ?

June 24, 2014

Paul tells the Philippian church to think on things that are true, honest, lovely, etc. This command follows the discussion that rooted in Christ, we can have peace that passes our understanding. I have a friend staying here with me for a few weeks here in Ukarumpa. One of her first days, we talked about what she had read in her devotions that morning. She shared that the author challenged her readers about thinking about what is true. That when we spend time and energy thinking about “What if?” or “If only!”, we are really thinking about things that are not true. We had a great discussion and God began me thinking more about my own thought patterns. Then, I heard from Texas.

When I returned to Papua New Guinea in January of this year, I thought that I had in place a network of support in place to help care for my mother, Rowena Mosley. Actually, the week before I left, part of that network fell apart; however, I thought we would still be alright. Then, a few weeks ago, my mom fell. We rejoiced that no bones were broken; however, she was strongly jarred and shaken. Because of the resulting soreness, she did not move around as much as she should have. It also affected how long she could stand say to prepare a meal, etc.

Last week, she was quite ill and spent the day in emergency room. She is back at home now, but under orders not to drive yet. My mom has a follow-up visit with her doctor, Tuesday morning, Texas time. My aunt has been helping with coming to check on my mom, but she is also older and cannot sustain daily care visits for my mom at this point in her life.

Therefore, after much prayer and counsel with Godly friends, including my administrator here in Papua New Guinea, I am working on returning to Texas for a short period of time. This will be considered compassionate family leave time. I hope to be in Texas about 8-10 weeks. We will consider various options for my mom’s care. Pray for wisdom for all of us as we consider what is best for my mother, what is best for our family, and what is best for my work with the Onobasulu. For those of you who do not know much about my family, I had one brother, now deceased. He does have two daughters who live in the area northeast of Houston. My mom has only lived in the Dallas Fort Worth area. So, we need to consider, should my mom be in the Arlington area, near other family (older) and friends, or move to be with my nieces? For how long could I leave her? How does that affect my work? In other words, during the next few weeks we need lots of prayers as we consider all of our options. Here is I am with Mom, and my two nieces.

Actually, even before then, these next few weeks, because it is the break between the school years, it is hard to get flights out of Ukarumpa and Papua New Guinea at the last minute, and the missionary guest houses are full! Pray for my travel arrangements back to Texas. I am struggling with those. And with heaps of stress and logistics to work on, it is hard to turn off my brain when I need to rest, so I am not resting and sleeping well. Pray that I can get refreshing rest, as I will hit the ground running.

This has been an amazing year. God has done many things for me and for the Onobasulu people. This includes provision for items that were not in my budget, like replacing equipment damaged by lightning strikes, and upgrading older equipment at the same time. Please join me in asking God for the provision needed for this unscheduled trip. I need to remember that I am asking my loving Father for bread that I need for this time.

You are such an important part of my life, and I thank God for you all. I do need your love, friendship, and prayers at this time!

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